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Hoarding Disorders in Ithaca, NY

4 Signs of Hoarding Disorders in Ithaca, NY

March 29, 2022

Did you know that hoarding disorders often leave homes dirty and damaged in Ithaca, NY? Hoarding makes it extremely difficult to get rid of items, even if they have no financial or sentimental value. In this blog, we cover four signs that you or someone you know may have a hoarding disorder, so the hoarder can get help.

1. Anxiety When Throwing Items Away

It’s normal to feel a bit down when getting rid of an item you used to love, but you should also feel free to make room for new items. If instead, anxiety keeps you from purging things that you don’t need anymore, you probably at least have some hoarder tendencies.

The anxiety or mental anguish is what really matters here. Those with a hoarding disorder usually have extremely negative feelings when attempting to clear out their home, even if they’re trying to throw away old storage containers or trash. There are professional organizers who can help hoarders part with unnecessary items.

2. A Compulsion to Acquire

A hoarding disorder causes people to accumulate large amounts of stuff. They may be unable to pass up a bargain or sale, spend hours thrifting or trying to find unique items, or may scour online ads for free items.

3. A Feeling of Shame

The hoarding disorder often leads to feelings of shame, helplessness, and isolation. Struggling individuals may feel alone in their struggle and withdraw from friends, family, and activities they once loved. Therapy is a great tool for dealing with these challenges and helps them get well again.

4. Keeping Too Many Animals

One form of acquisition impulse involves rescuing or buying an unhealthy amount of animals. An individual may have 20 small animals in a two-bedroom home, for example, without the means or space to properly provide for them. The home can become dirty and smelly due to the large number of animals and need deep cleaning as part of a hoarding treatment plan.

A fresh start is often helpful when helping people manage their hoarding disorder. To find out about our expert home cleaning services, give us a call today at ServiceMaster of the Tri-Counties.

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