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Remove Soot and Smoke Damage in Corning, NY

How to Remove Soot and Smoke Damage in Corning, NY

April 30, 2021

Fires can do substantial damage to homes and their contents. The events that come after could cause even more damage and it’s crucial to act quickly and appropriately. Here’s a guide on how to remove soot and smoke damage in Corning, NY.

Removing Soot from Your Textiles

Soot is oily, and it easily stains items. You should avoid touching textiles after a fire. If they happen to get stained, remove the soot before cleaning or deodorizing them.

A fire restoration professional removes soot with a heavy-duty vacuum. You can also remove the soot by holding the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner close to the surface of the item you are cleaning. Avoid using vacuum attachments with brushes and upright vacuums because brushes push soot into the textiles.

After removing the soot, cover the carpets with plastic to prevent people from grinding dirt into the carpet. You’ll also need to remove the smoke odor after you’ve removed the soot.

Removing Smoke Odor from Your Textiles

Until you properly deodorize, you’ll still feel the smoke odor in your textiles. To minimize the odor, professional fire restorers use ozone treatment, which breaks up the smoke molecule.

Ozone treatment takes place in an ozone room using an ozone generator. This treatment releases an oxidizing agent, which gives off sweet-smelling air similar to that of a rainstorm.

Removing Smoke Odors from the Home

Smoke can enter and remain in and between the walls for a long time. Professional fire restorers eliminate the smoke odor with thermal fogging, which opens the pores in the walls and neutralizes the smoke odor.

Smoke also gets trapped in household vents and ducts. Since cleaning the ducts can be impractical, fire restorers use a chemical sealer to bind smoke to the ducts’ sides permanently. This technique eliminates the possibility of smoke odors drifting into the air.

ServiceMaster of the Tri-Counties is always ready to provide you with the assistance you need. Call ServiceMaster of the Tri-Counties today to learn more about our fire damage repair and restoration services,carpet and upholstery cleaning and air duct cleaning.

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