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Ways to Prevent Mold from Forming Indoors

June 20, 2022

Mold spores are everywhere. Although most mold spores don’t pose a serious danger, some types of toxic mold can invade your home after a period of high humidity, such as after a flood. Use these tips to prevent mold from forming in your Ithaca, NY home.

Control Indoor Humidity Levels

Mold spores require plenty of moisture to germinate. By keeping the humidity level in your home around 40-50%, you can minimize mold growth. Consider a whole-home dehumidifier. These systems work with your heating and cooling equipment to maintain a consistent and safe indoor humidity level. You can also use portable dehumidifiers in basements and crawl spaces with high humidity.

Increase Ventilation

When showering or cooking, use an exhaust fan. These fans ventilate fumes and moisture to the outdoors. Mechanical attic fans can also help prevent mold growth.

Fix Leaks ASAP

A leaky pipe fuels the growth of mold in places you can’t see, such as behind sinks and cabinets. A pipe leak within a wall could allow mold to spread throughout your home. Roof leaks also increase the risk of mold infestation. As soon as you notice signs of a pipe or roof leak, contact a qualified service technician to fix it.

Consider Professional Mold Remediation

If your home does develop mold growth despite your best efforts to prevent it, don’t try to remove it yourself. According to the EPA, if mold spreads beyond a three-foot-by-three-foot area, it’s best to arrange for professional mold remediation services. Professional mold remediation ensures that all colonies of mold and spores from toxic mold are removed from your home. This process requires specialized equipment and supplies not available to the public. Choosing a professional mold remediation service also helps you avoid exposure to mold spores, which could lead to serious illness.

For more information about our how our experts can help, take a look at ServiceMaster of the Tri-Counties’ mold remediation services, or get in touch with our qualified service technicians today.

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