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Mold Remediation in Corning, NY

What Happens During Mold Remediation in Corning, NY?

July 14, 2021

Mold remediation involves removing, disinfecting, and cleaning any mold-contaminated areas in a home. Contractors use specialized equipment to ensure the complete removal of mold, which prevents the recurrence of new mold. During mold remediation, the contractors will carry out the following processes in your Corning, NY, home.

Detailed Assessment of the Home

This is a very crucial step during the mold remediation process. First, the contractors will arrive and inspect your home to determine the cause of mold infestation as well as the extent of the damage. After this assessment, the contractors can lay out their equipment to begin the remediation process.

Containment and Ventilation Process

This step involves the use of air filtration devices such as air scrubbers. These devices will trap all the mold spores in your home, preventing the distribution of the harmful particles into other areas of the house. The contractors will also need to use specialized equipment to remove moisture while preventing cross-contamination of the home with harmful fungicides.

Cleaning and Disinfection

The actual mold remediation process takes place at this point. The contractors might vacuum the moldy surfaces, discard all the mold-infested materials in plastic materials and clean all the non-porous materials. After cleaning and disinfecting, the contractors will need to apply mold eradication substances such as fungicide or biocide.

Cleaning also involves scrubbing unmovable structures. The contractors will use a damp cloth soaked in a detergent solution to scrub the contaminated surfaces and to remove traces of mold.

Address the Source of the Mold

Before leaving, the contractors will need to find and address the source of the mold. For example, if the mold occurrence is due to increased moisture or humidity, they will need to fix any problem that might be causing a buildup of moisture. If it is a small leak, the contractors might decide to fix it themselves, but you will need to call a plumbing expert if the leak requires major repair.

Encapsulating the Mold

This is the final step during the mold remediation process. The contractor will encapsulate any reluctant mold using paint or a strong chemical substance.

If you are a resident of Corning, NY, you can contact us at ServiceMaster of the Tri-Counties for any mold remediation services. We’ll help you find and eliminate the growth from your home.

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