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Water Damage Remediation in Horseheads, NY

What to Expect During Water Damage Remediation in Horseheads, NY

June 30, 2021

Whether your home has experienced water damage due to flooding or a burst pipe, the damage can be far-reaching and oftentimes quite serious. Fortunately, we offer all sorts of home disaster remediation services including water damage remediation in Horseheads, NY. This blog is meant to help explain what to expect during a water damage remediation visit.

We Start with an Inspection

Before our experts start repairing the water damage in your home, we thoroughly inspect every area that the water reached. Our team will check out walls, flooring, and everything else in your home that the water impacted. Once our professionals finish the inspection, we’ll put together a plan for restoring your property.

Removing the Water

Depending on the severity of the flooding, there may still be water in your home when our team arrives. If that’s the case, the first step of the water damage remediation process will be to drain all the water from your home.

This step can be addressed in different ways depending on the amount of water. However, whether we need pumps and hoses or can simply soak up and air-dry the water, we must remove it.

Thorough Cleaning

Once everything is in order, our team can begin thoroughly cleaning everything that the water damaged. The cleaning process goes well beyond simply drying things off and wiping them down. We also utilize world-class technology to ensure that there are no lingering odors that you will have to deal with in the future.

Water damage to a home can be catastrophic. Not only can it harm the structural integrity of your home, but it can also ruin your belongings including those that hold sentimental value. If you have water damage in your home, call Service Master of the Tri-Counties to ask about remediation and the rest of our residential and commercial services. These include mold remediation and a variety of other disaster restoration services.

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