If you live in the area or have visited during the winter months, you are no stranger to the harsh weather conditions that Buffalo, NY faces. From rain, sleet, and snow to high winds and flooding, there aren’t many weather conditions that Buffalonians miss out on. Buffalo typically gets 40 inches of rain on average, per year, and 92 inches of snow per year.

Though Buffalo isn’t exactly known to be an area that gets terrible floods like many other places in the world, there are still lake-effect snow and temperature swings that cause heavy snowfall and quick melting. This typically results in flooding in some areas. Your basement may be one of those areas.person walking through flooded room

If your home has been damaged by water, it can be quite devastating. Water damage can lead to a barrage of other problems including mold and even fire and smoke damage. Water could potentially get into your electrical systems causing short-circuiting and sparking. Should a fire take place, it is no surprise that your home will be at risk of fire damage. Even if the fire is contained relatively quickly, you could still be at risk for smoke damage.

Luckily, Service Master Restore can help with the restoration process for water, fire, smoke, and much more. We even offer emergency water removal services to help lessen the chances of water damage and all the other risks that come with it.