Frozen, Broken Water Pipes Can Be Homeowner Nightmare

Frozen, Broken Water Pipes Can Be Homeowner Nightmare We don’t often think of damage from frozen and broken water pipes as being on the same scale as a natural disaster, but damage from water is the most prevalent — yet least recognized — catastrophe. In fact, frozen and broken water pipes rank No. 2 behind… Read more »

What is Mold?

What Is Mold? We have probably all encountered mold at one time or another. It might have been in the shower, or on a stale piece of bread or cheese. There are many different species of mold, but all molds share some common characteristics. ~ Molds thrive in moist and humid environments. ~ Molds require… Read more »

Cooking with Fire

Cooking causes almost 90% of all kitchen fires. The main culprits are grease, oil and fat that has been left unattended on the stove. Many people exacerbate the problem by tossing water on the fire, which has the opposite effect and increases the severity of the situation. Below are some tips on how to avoid… Read more »

Free Water Tags

ServiceMaster of the Tri-Counties is always looking for ways to assist the public. We are furnishing this yellow main water tag to place on the shut-off valve, to encourage you to locate the valve yourself and so the valve can be more easily located by someone unfamiliar with your home, in case you are away… Read more »